1. The main tower of the former US listening station on top of the Teufelsberg in Berlin, Grunewald.

    (Source: Flickr / nklsthrn)


  2. "Rush Series"
    Shot in London’s Underground stations using long exposure times and the railings of the escalators as a tripot.
    The shots could slightly show the velocity of this fast city.


  3. Speaker at Ryoji Ikeda’s “db” exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin in 2012. 


  4. Unfinished building at the Docklands in Dublin, Ireland.


  5. The Express Newspaper building at River Thames in London. I took it in Summer 2010 while my first trip to the United Kingdom.


  6. It is obviously nothing special but this was actually the first sunny day this year. I quiet enjoyed it.


  7. Origin

    To begin this here, let me explain the weird name: I am really not the creative head in things like “find a good name for a blog” - that is for sure. This blog should and will be only about black-and-white photography but I do not want to name it like “Black-and-White Photography” because this would be tasteless, boring and totally unimaginative.
    So I have chosen “Graphite & Kerosene”. It is related on materials which are not as colourful as the pictures will be later on: Graphite, a very dark, so heavy material and the kerosene which is absolutely achromatic and used as aviation fuel which is why I associate it with all light stuff.
    In reference to the visual arrangement and balance, light means bright. So things which got a bright colour are, due our experiences, light. The same way with all dark-coloured things (dark means heavy).
    I hope you understand a bit more about the name now and what this blog will be about.